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Business Owners: Are you ready to stop handling the mundane and complicated financial details of your business? Do you need to spend more time looking at the big picture?

Our clients have been able to:

* Reduce stress over financial decisions, impending deadlines, and tax compliance

* Utilize new strategies to reduce their tax bill

* Have money available to pay their tax bill

* Spend more time looking at business strategy

Still not convinced? Check out what these clients have to say!

Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan, Clockwork, and Fix This Next, gives his endorsement of Wendi and her team at Small Office Solutions LLC.

“Working with Wendi and the team at Small Office Solutions was everything I had hoped for and more. I get the professional, yet caring, guidance I need to keep my finances on stable footing and my focus on fulfilling my clients' needs.” 

~ Tamsen W., Massachusetts

“Understanding the impact of taxes really helps me make better decisions. That’s been essential. But also having someone who is willing to sit patiently and explain well what all those things mean is really important. Anybody can hand you a document and say ‘here you go’ but if you don’t understand, that’s not really valuable.” 

~ Eliz G., Wisconsin

“Just do it. It’s worth it by a thousand times. It takes so much off my plate as far as stress and really helps me get focused on what I need to focus on, the business, to sell and deliver, and to make my business as a whole more successful.”

~ Mike M., Texas

"They are accessible. Their website is accessible. Someone always gets back to us.And our employees have direct access to their own websites so they can go directly there with questions. People should do what they do best.  It was a part time job to do all that so I was happy to hand that off to them."

~ Jill G., Wisconsin