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Profit First Professional Certified Master

Profit First Professional Mastery Consulting

Wondering why your business is not the dream you thought it would be? Have you read Profit First by Mike Michalowicz but are struggling with implementation or lingering questions?

We are a Profit First Master Certified Professional Accountant ready to help you bring more profit to your pocket through specific steps and methods customized for your individual business. We help professional speakers with revenue over $200,000 who are bogged down or confused by their business finances. We create a financial structure to help pay off debt, provide more financial stability for your family, and save for retirement you can focus more on the work you love: presenting to, guiding, and coaching others.

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What options do I have when working with Small Office Solutions?

  • A free initial consultation to discover whether working with us may be right for you
  • A Profit First Assessment and implementation plan
  • Quick start training sessions with personalized Q & A
  • Implementation coaching and training - Signing up for the gym membership doesn't mean you will work out correctly. Improve your success probability with our guidance.
  • Full, hands-on, implementation - ready for a part-time CFO? This is our best option for those earning $350,000 annually or more.

What does Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, have to say about Small Office Solutions?

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